Wednesday, July 21, 2010

keputusan muktamad..

i think,it is better 4 me 2 stay at uitm rather than going 2 utm skudai..
i really2 tension right now..
2 all my friends,don't worry..
i'm still here dude..
what's in my mind?
i can't study anymore..
coz the time 4 me 2 concentrate in  my studies is not now..
feeling juz study 4 fun..
n juz 2 get my diploma scroll..
my heart is not to study anymore..
i'm so sorry about that..

actually,i'm a very very very sad person right now!
i can't even make a very positive thinking..
4 my own future lah..
oh Allah..
4give me..
4 what i'm doing..
i'm trying my best..
4 my ownself..
4 my parent..
4 my friends..
n 4 all who're in my life..

please bless me..